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Bancal , Meycauayan City, Bulacan Manila Philippines

Contact No. +63 929 536 2519

Alternate Contact No. +1 224 325 5211




         To be employed in a position where I could fully apply my Technical Knowledge, develop my leadership qualities, increase my skills through training & hands-on and have an economically sound compensation & benefits.





Elementary:                               Mangagoy North Elementary School

High School:                               Recaredo Castillo College

College Undergraduate:                Andres Soriano College

Course:                                                 Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

College Undergraduate:                  University of Cebu Lapu-lapu Mandaue

Course:                                                 Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering

College Undergraduate:                  Datamex Institute of Technology

Course:                                                 Bachelor of Science in Information Technology




Executive Secretary   (May 2006 – April 2007)         - Andres Soriano College

Assembler/Print Quality Inspector (MAY 5, 2008 – JUNE 30, 2012) - Lexmark International Philippines Inc.





  1. Proficiency  in MS Office Application
  1. Proficiency  in Computer Encoding
  2. Knowledgeable in Corel Draw
  3. Knowledgeable in Trouble Shooting




  1. Work Attitude and Values Enhancement
  1. Lean Six Sigma Overview
  1. Total Productive Maintenance
  1. Initial Cleaning         (TPM)
  1. Problem Solving        (TPM)
  1. New Reality Training
  2. Back to Basic on Safety
  3. Lexmark 2010 IT Security Awareness with Privacy
  1. Clean room Protocol with Contamination Control
  1. Lean Six Sigma Overview with waste walk
  1. ERP Overview
  2. Standard Work
  3. Anti-Drug Awareness




  1. TPM
  2. Lean Six Sigma
  3. Certificate of Recognition for being the BEST PRESENTER in O.E Symposium
  4. Certificate of Appreciation in Operational Excellence in Second Summit  




  1. Operational Excellence
  2. Managers Appreciation Award
  3. Perfect Attendance Awardee




  1. Schedule executive meetings and travel plans.
  2. Assisting executive in all possible works, like in meeting, preparing documents and presentations.
  3. Make sure all the data files are arranged in a perfect manner so as to avoid any inconvenience.
  4. Complete the assigned work given without any delay and by the end of the day I will report to the Department Dean with completion of work.
  5. Need to attend phone calls from clients and board members.
  6. Respond to the email received and concerned corp orators without fail.




  1. Conducts routine inspection on machines handled.
  1. Performs immediate minor troubleshooting as required.
  1. Checked proper handling of equipment by the use of checklist and adjust machine parameters if needed.
  1. Maintains proper upkeep of equipment and assigned work area.
  1. Followed clean room protocol as it required by the machine to its products.
  1. Maintain 5’s condition on work area.


Machine Handled:


  1. Ink fill Foam Stuff Machine
  1. Ink fill Prime Machine
  1. Auto Grader Scan Machine
  1. Tail Fold Machine
  1. Tamp Machine
  1. Gasket Machine
  1. Spring Assembly Machine




  1. Conduct Printer Daily Checklist and 5’s
  2. Proper handling in product
  3. Follow correct procedure on proper placement in print-outs and products
  4. Always write down the scores/numbers showing on the screen of the sample for sample reviewing.
  5. Avoid the printed area with enough margins when writing scores on the samples for re-measure.
  6. Use the correct mode as much as possible to ensure the correct metric.
  7. Handle the plain paper samples with extra care, no wrinkles for the consistent result.
  8. Manage the PQ jobs created by LAB-EX efficiently for better management and reporting.
  9. Report any issues as soon as they are discovered to Product Engineer to resolve the issue promptly.
  10. Be specific and right to the point when reporting issues to debug efficiently.
  11. Clean the glass of the scanner daily for the consistent result.
  12. Encode correct data processing
  13. Ensuring to get some good quality result of the products




  1. Proper placement of the tanks to be used.
  2. Follow the proper procedure of the Port down and Snout down Tanks Orientation for preventing the Leakage.
  3. Write the correct weight of the tanks that is being used.
  4. Report any issues as soon as they are discovered to resolve the issue promptly.
  5. Ensuring to get some good quality result of the products.


Printers Handled:


  1. Printer for Functional
  1. Auto Grader Print
  1. Print Quality
  1. Main test




Joylyn Piandong                                         

Department Dean                                         

Andres Soriano College                         

Contact #:         available upon request                         


Alex Rodriguez

Process Engineer

Lexmark International Phils. Inc.

Contact #:         available upon request


Larry Bastatas

Product Engineer

Lexmark International Phils. Inc.

Contact #:         available upon request


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Liandee Abellare Ignacio, Meycauayen City, Bulacan, Manila, Philippines, 3020 Formerly of Cebu, Philippines

Parents Damian Tabares Ignacio and Luisa Panaginip Abellare of Bislig City, Surigao Del Sur, Philippines

Fiancee Chuck Henderson of Bloomington, IL 61704 USA